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"These are the Bay Area's BEST Elsa & Anna!"

- Phil, Party Central Events

I am the only Bay Area actress

offering this theme who is also a

professional singer!


Singing is such an precious touch!


Kids are wild about it!!


Brand New, With Limited Bookings...


Bookings are limited, please inquire ASAP. 





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 Temporary Special for my 2015 Holiday Season! 

Limited Time

"Christmas Present" Character Visits Available Now

What do you get for Christmas for the child who has everything?

A real-life visit from their favorite princess! Or, a visit from the magical "Christmas Fairy"! What an awesome Christmas gift for only $100 Off for cities in the East Bay! I'll also travel further for $75 Off.

Grandparents who aren't sure what to get them this year are often delighted to fund it!

I will come to your home on a weekday evening or daytime, or come to their school as Ariel, Rapunzel, Cinderella, The Christmas Fairy, or any other character, and start by singing some holiday songs with them. The singing makes precious videos that your family will treasure for years to come!

Then, I will twist a bouquet of balloon flowers, pose for great holiday photos, do a little magic trick, and present her with a Christmas gift.

I'm happy to do this as any character: Rapunzel, Cinderella, Ariel...etc. Just text or call me to see if I can reach your city easily.

These visits also create *awesome* photos that you can send off to family as Christmas greeting cards! Call me, I'm Kris: 1-510-495-5564

Please know, if I get an overwhelming response, I will must end this temporary offer. 

If you didn't catch me this weekend at the Danville Livery Mall, here I am, (photo below), yesterday, as "The Christmas Fairy."

In December only, I'm offering Monday - Friday discount visits to give children a once-in-a-lifetime, special "Christmas Visit."




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 Big News!


Yikes. What party companies hope parents don't know:


Sadly, children's party companies are notorious for poor quality control. It is a really difficult job that requires years of experience to do well. Most parents have heard rumors, or experienced it themselves.


As much as we dislike to tell you, our potential is the truth. And I've decided to address it directly.


My solution to control quality: Now I do every party myself. Yay!


My website is the only San Francisco Bay Area site that only books one specific actress. I'm the only company that I know of where you get to talk to and plan the party with the exact person who'll be coming. Yay! What a relief.


Like the other companies, I tried booking non-professionals. I, too, had a big staff, but just like other companies, I learned the hard way that even small groups of kids really need a experienced professional to make a party really incredible.


We're all about the same price. You should be getting more for your money.



No more wondering if the costume is going to look like what the kids are expecting or how experienced the person you're hiring really is.


I still play 47 characters like Super-Heros, Princesses, Fairies, Rockstars, Pirates, Non-Scary Clowns...and even though I'm grumping about quality problems that are industry-wide, in our last TEN YEARS as a company we performed for about 14,000 parties within 200 miles of San Francisco and Los Angeles!


I still go to Parks, Homes, Hospitals, Backyards, Schools, Restaurants,  Bounce House Party Places, Malls, Hospitals, Community Halls...*anywhere*!


You choose which of my 47 Characters for boys and girls you’d like me to play. Then you choose what party activities you’d like me to bring with me like my Award-Winning Children’s Magic Show, Puppet Stories, Balloon Twisting, Games, Songs, Face Painting, Fun Glam Makeovers or any of the other countless activities parents have asked for! 


Yes! I perform for tiny intimate parties and for huge events! If you’d just like to delight one child who’s facing something hard like at the hospital or celebrating something great (like a new baby sibling!) I do visits like that too!


If you’re having tons of kids I give discounts on multiple performers and if you’d like to space out our arrival times you can spread us out to feel supported longer!


If you want two or three princesses, but don't want to hire anotehr gal with me, now that I'm solo I'm also back to doing a fun thing that actually works great if the kids are young...I can chance in to 2 or 3 different famous princesses at one party. Nope, they really don't recognize me once my wig and makeup and demeanor and voice change. That's an awesome deal for you!


I go to birthday parties, preschool graduations, people have even been hiring me to keep the kids busy at wedding receptions...I'll do it all!



 CLICK HERE to see the article I wrote for the Burlingame Mothers' Club - it is full of pointers that only come with experience that will save you a lot of stress!


In short: Whatever you do, keep it fun for you too.


Fun? There are a lot of ways to stay there! I hope my website helps. Fun. That’s how I did my first 3,000 parties. That’s how I’ll do the next 3,000 parties.


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